0810121926aMy mom loves a good, mushy Mother’s Day card, and although her gift is in the mail (No REALLY, it is!!), I didn’t get a card out this year. So I’ll take this opportunity to ‘mush’ it up right here, in hopes that she’ll check my blog and feel all warm and fuzzy!

For starters…I’d like to thank my mom for a few things.

Dear Mom,

First, Thanks for giving birth to me! That was a big day in my life! (Sorry about the salad tongs.)

Thanks for taking good care of me: wiping tears, cleaning boo boos and such. (That pink stuff that burned like toxic FIRE POISON…I could have done without.)

Thanks for sticking up for me when neighbor Brian bit me repeatedly and also teaching me “Sticks and Stones” to shout at mean kids from behind our screen door!

Thanks for screaming at Mrs. Dennis on my behalf, where all of my classmates could see what a bad-a$$ you were!

Thanks for taking the time to teach me stuff and take me places.

You are responsible for: 

  • my belief that anything is possible – even making an ice rink in the middle of our yard on the coldest day of winter! (Sorry about the pleurisy!)
  • my uncanny ability to be late for almost everything!
  • my lack of buttocks.
  • my LOVE of Swiss Chard!
  • my pursuit of health and fitness!
  • my bunions! 😉
  • returning all of my friends’ clothes and retrieving mine from them.

And without you I wouldn’t have:

  • learned how to cook.
  • long legs.
  • 4 kids that turned out just like me! (Just as you’d hoped!)
  • learned the importance of recycling paper grocery bags by using them for my lunch sack.
  • all the memories! Like: fresh-baked bread with the first-picked tomato of the season, swinging on the saucer swing in the back yard, sledding, camping, fishing, bringing home dad’s puppy, egg-nog, scaring bats away, playing games, staying up late and laughing! Lots and lots of laughing! 🙂

So…Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You are responsible for all the good (and a little of the bad) in me! 😀

Love, Angie

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