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I run monthly groups for health, fitness, nutrition, meal planning ideas, support and accountability.


There is always something new and different for everyone!

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Fitness & Nutrition Virtual Bootcamp

We will focus on nutrition, workouts, motivation, accountability, nutrition, recipes, camaraderie, overall health, fun and just learning how to fit it all in!


  • daily tips
  • recipes
  • meal plans
  • motivation
  • accountability through our exclusive app
  • 24/7 support from me
  • free access to this and any of my monthly groups forever!

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Just a few examples of the kind of results you can expect from these groups!




Mission Nutrition Workshop

We have 2 amazing nutrition programs that will teach you how to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle that focuses on changing your mindset about food without deprivation, weighing food or counting calories and points. As a certified Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach AND 2B Mindset mentor, I will help guide and support you through these life changing programs.

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We NEED something that just simplifies this whole nutrition mystery! There are hundreds of diets, methods, fads, pills and potions! But all we really need is the right mindset about nutrition without worrying about counting, weighing or restricting!

These unique programs addresses the MENTAL & EMOTIONAL components of eating that so so many of us struggle with – especially my busy mom friends!

*NO foods are off limits and exercise is OPTIONAL!*

These programs will completely change your relationship with food without making you feel hungry, deprived, or cutting out your favorite treats!

  • Emotional eater?
  • Binge eater?
  • Cutting foods?
  • Cutting food groups?
  • Yo-yo dieter?
  • Can’t workout?
  • Don’t like working out daily? NO WORRIES! You can get amazing results like these:
Laurie lost 12 pounds & 11 inches in 12 weeks.
Cheri lost 20 inches and 27 pounds!!
Tarah lost 18 pounds without working out!
Siobhan has lost 37 pounds!

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2B Mindset Pack

Ultimate Portion Fix Pack