Are you ready to Transform?


Shaun T’s NEW program: TRANSFORM :20
*Coming to Beachbody on Demand in April 2019

BUT you can get VIP Early Access NOW and be ready to start on January 14th!
See the link below to get in to our TEST GROUP!

What is TRANSFORM :20?

Total body workout for both the body and mind. Cardio, Strength, and Core Balance work using a Step riser. *It is not step aerobics but rather a nonstop 20-minute workout to a ton of calories, sculpt your body, and build long lean muscles.

Basic Details

  • 20 minute workouts
  • 6 days per week
  • 6 week program
  • Modifier in every workout
  • 36 unique workouts! In real time…you will never see the same workout twice!
  • Super simple dialed in nutrition plan to help you not only achieve and sustain your goals!
  • Option to add weights with 6 bonus strength workouts

Who is TRANSFORM :20 for?

Everyone! Shaun T created this program knowing that there are many people who just don’t have the time to work out…not anymore! As a new father himself, he knows the struggle. This is what motivated him to create a program for EVERYONE. And if you’re thinking that 20 minutes isn’t enough for you…it is! Shaun uses every second of every workout to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time!

What equipment do I need?

The Transform :20 Step

When can I start Transforming?

My TRANSFORM :20 test group will start January 14 with VIP Early Access. When you order you’ll also get 2 bonus preview workouts to start getting familiar with the program before we start.

How much does it cost?

Well, you can’t really put a price tag on your health – it’s an investment you’ll never regret and keeps paying off well beyond this group! 😉

BUT, there are packs and bundles are on sale right now that will include access to the program, equipment, materials, all of the extras and/or supplements that are recommended for the program at big discounts! And it will all depend on what you have and what you need! So if you’re interested in learning more, just fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll get you all of the details about the program, the different options and the test group.