NEW Coach Training


New Coach Training

Welcome to Team Diamonds in Progress. These videos and additional resources are provided to help you learn everything you need to know to get started with your new coaching business and set up for success!

Even if you are planning to be just a discount coach for now, you might find some very valuable information, especially in the first few videos and resources! People might still be interested in purchasing through you, or even signing up as a coach. And it would be helpful if you knew how to send them to your website, and be able to set them up with the right information.

Just follow the videos in order, at your own pace, and talk to your up-line coach about joining a monthly New Coach Training support group on Facebook so that we can help you along the way.

Please feel free to message me on Facebook ANY time or email me at

IMPORTANT: Downolad this checklist to track your progress as you go through the training and share with me or your upline sponsor after you’ve completed it!

WELCOME VIDEO (watch first)

If you haven’t already filled out these documents, please do before moving on to the first lesson. The Quick Start will be for you to keep and file into your binder. Please fill out the “About Me” and email it to me or your sponsor coach, so we can get to know you and learn how best to help you!

And if you haven’t already, make sure you watch this video for help learning your “back office”:


Additional Resources


LESSON 1: The 4 Vital Behaviors


Additional Resources

PD_COLLAGEThese books are valuable tools for your personal development. You will learn many lessons that will apply to your business as well as your personal life!

  • The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson
  • The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy
  • Go Pro, by Eric Worre
  • Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John C. Maxwell
  • You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero
  • Rock Your Network Marketing Business, by Sarah Robbins
  • Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod
  • Miracle Morning for Network Marketers, by Hal Elrod


LESSON 2: Challenge Groups


Additional Resources

LESSON 3: Shakeology


Additional Resources:

Download Ingredients Chart HERE

Shakeology Clinical Trial

LESSON 4: Social Media


And if you haven’t watched already, check out this Facebook 101 training!


Some apps you might find helpful:

iPhone apps

  • My Challenge Tracker – run challenge groups
  • PS Express (photo editing)
  • Snapseed (photo editing)
  • Word Swag (text on pics)
  • Phonto (text on pics)
  • Photofy (photo editing and text on pics)
  • FontCandy+ (text on pics)
  • Burstmode (set up your phone, start it & let it take 100’s of pics in seconds..just save your favorite ones)
  • MyFitnessPal -tracks nutrition
  • Diptic – collage pics (Use thin black or white borders to keep it looking sleek,modern & professional. More is not becomes too “noisy”. Do not do too many collages.
  • PE-Fotolr Editing scars or blemishes, blurring out backgrounds (use the Color>Draw feature) & more.
  • PicsArt (photo editing)
  • A+ Signature – add your IG & fb URL to a pic & save it to the app’s filing cabinet so it’s quick & easy to add.
  • FitRadio – great app for workouts
  • Cover photo -Great for your Facebook cover photo’s.
  • FlipAgram – your pictures set to your fav song you buy on iTunes
  • Squaready – when a pic is too big for IG
  • HeyTell & Voxer -voice msg instead of text
  • Inspire – quotes that inspire my own fitness/health motivational quotes
  • iMovie – videos
  • PicPlayPost – videos and video collages

Android apps

  • My Challenge Tracker – run challenge groups
  • Phonto
  • Photo Grid
  • PicsArt
  • Labelbox
  • After Focus
  • Photofy
  • vidstitch (video)
  • VivaVideo (video)
  • flipagram
  • Snapseed


LESSON 5: Sharing Your Story


Additional Resources

LESSON 6: Day in the Life, Time Management, Organization


 Additional Resources

  • Make copies of the BAT (Business Activity Tracker)
  • Print the POWER HOUR Daily To-Do List – place in a page protector and use each day.
  • If you haven’t already…be sure to watch this video about the Critical Core Activities (aka the things that you should be doing every single day to move your business forward!):

LESSON 7: Expanding Your Network


Additional Resources:

  • BONUS TRAINING: Take a listen to this GREAT call from Michelle Meyers: “7 Habits to Make, 7 Habits to Break”
  • And go to for additional training resources on social media and SO much more! username: teamhardcore/password: fitness
  • Check out this training video about “Like” pages, Ads & Boosts

Attracting & Connecting with your Niche Market

LESSON 8: Success Club


Additional Resources


LESSON 9: Emerald and Beyond


Additional Resources:


Here is a cute video explaining the team cycle bonus:

LESSON 10: Ready, Set, GO!


 Additional Resources

  • Listen to this call from Mindy Wender: “Hobby vs. Hustle”.
  • Here I am talking about “Fighting Your Fears”.


Did you finish your checklist? (click to open) If not, do that now so that I know you have finished the training and we can talk about ‘what’s next’! 🙂




And now…you are invited to join our on-going coach business-building support group on Facebook, where we provide daily support and we share ideas, suggestions, motivation, etc…
Click HERE to request to join the Business Builders group. 🙂

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  1. Thank you, Angie, for the generous time and effort you put into this training session. It was, by far, the most comprehensive on-the-job training I have ever received. I’m very excited about working with you and the other Beachbody coaches to help people change the course of their lives by making healthy lifestyle decisions every day. I know this will be a life-changing journey for me as well.

    Many thanks,

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