My Plans to Survive the Holidays! *and still fit into my skinny jeans! :)


I’m going to reveal my super secret plans for staying on track and in my skinny jeans throughout the holidays!

42days_0Hear me now! I will NOT gain 10 pounds over the holidays! I will not gain 10 pounds over the holidays! It’s just not worth the pain and aggravation AFTER the holidays to try to get it back off again! Now, if I was twenty-something, I might really weigh my options (pun intended). But I’m not twenty-something and when the weight comes around now…it likes to stay put. 🙁

So what’s my plan?! A brand new program called the 42 Day Fix! *Just kidding, there isn’t such a thing! But, there IS the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme, and when you put them together, you get 42 days that will take me up to the holidays with my health AND my sanity! Sanity is important to have during the holidays! 😉

Every year around this time we start stressing out! So many presents to buy! So many parties to attend. So much food to eat! So many pounds to gain! RIGHT?!

WRONG! I needed a plan! I needed to get back into a program, so I could track my progress and stay accountable.

I’ve kinda been winging it lately in my gym. I like to dabble with Beachbody on Demand workouts as well as lifting weights, etc. I’ve just been on my own waiting for the next program release: Hammer & Chisel in December! (Can’t wait)before_42days

Well, this is the time of year I need to be crossing off my workouts, taking before pics and measurements and keeping myself accountable with the support of a group of ladies who are also determined not to let this time of year set themselves back 10 pounds before the new year!

For the accountability – I’m posting my before pictures and looking forward to those after pics!

I have done both programs in the past, and because I KNOW how effective they are, I have recommitted to the 21 Day Fix for all 21 days in November, and then I’ll roll right into the 21 Day Fix Extreme in December. I’ll get The Master’s Hammer & Chisel when it comes out and be ready to start right away in January! Declaring these plans HERE is just another way I’m holding myself accountable to these goals!

As of yesterday, I have a full week under my belt! Here’s a look back:








7 days in and I’m feeling GREAT! Shocking right?! Healthy food, in proper portions, plus daily 30 minute workouts are my super secret plan? Yep. Not so super, or secret, but it works! 😉 JOIN ME!

My November group is in full steam right now, but I’ve got room if you want to join me in December!containers_png

The 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme is on sale this month – which means that basically you get the program FREE when you try Shakeology. Women do so well on this program because it’s simple and doable! You control your portions with these handy color-coded portion control containers and you workout each day for just 30 minutes! Everybody’s got time for that!

When you get the challenge pack, you’ll also get 30 days free access to Beachbody on Demand (hundreds of workouts to stream from any internet device – like exercise Netflix!).21df_tote And you’ll get a bonus workout, too!

Oh! I almost forgot! This month you get this cook little insulated tote bag too – so you can take your healthy food to-go! 🙂


How amazing are my friend Michelle’s results after 2 rounds!?


Check out this quick video for more details!


That’s in a nutshell! Are you ready to join me in December?!

Pick your challenge pack and get ready for your transformation!





JOIN ME IN DECEMBER! (Sign up below.)

I’ll support you through the program! I’m a pro at it now! I’ll be sharing daily tips, recipes and motivation in a private Facebook group where we’ll all support each other and keep each other accountable! These group work SO well because you’re not alone! It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that is the KEY to success!

Group starts December 1st and finishes just in time for holidays! You’ll be ready for that little black dress!



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