CAUTION: Busy Week Ahead, Meal Plan

What do you do when you KNOW you’ve got a busy week on tap? PLAN! I don’t anticipate that we will follow this to the letter, but just sitting down, and looking at my calendar and thinking ahead almost guarantees that I’ll do better than if I hadn’t done any planning at all. At least I’ve given it a little thought, so that when we’re coming home from an all-day play practice dress rehearsal on Thursday, I’ll hopefully have cooked up some turkey taco meat on Wednesday so that we’ll have dinner on the table shortly after we get home. What’s the alternative? Probably ordering out or grabbing some crap on the way home. I’ll make sure we have lots of good snacks packed up so that nobody is dying of starvation while we’re out, or on our way home. And even as I sit here typing, I’m thinking and planning ways to make this a good, healthy week, despite a VERY busy schedule.

A note about “FFY”. This one makes me smile. When my husband and I were newly married, and both working full-time jobs, I would leave him a note in the morning about what to expect for dinner (SEE? I was even planning WAY back then!). And sometimes that note would simply say: “FFY”, which meant “Fend for Yourself”. That usually meant that we had some sort of leftovers, or at least some deli meat or cereal he could choose from. There aren’t many things that my husband can’t do…but cooking is one of them. He once tried to make instant pudding with water. Another time he TRIED to make a grilled cheese sandwich the way that I made them and ended up buttering both sides of each slice of bread and simmering it over low heat in a pan of vegetable oil. Not quite right. He slopped his creation down on a paper plate, at which point the oil was wicked into the plate until it was entirely saturated. He did not eat this sandwich, and never tried again. This week requires at least one FFY night. Let’s hope for the best! šŸ™‚

Have a GREAT week!

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