Last Chance to save $30 and join our Morning Meltdown 100 Test Group!

Today is the last day to reserve your spot in my Morning Meltdown 100 Test Group, get $30 off your challenge pack PLUS a bonus gift of 2 free samples of a couple of my favorite products (Energize AND Beachbar)! 

Check out just some of the results in our group – after only 20 days!

The ladies in my group and I are LOVING this program and the results that we are getting!

Erin: “down 6 lbs since starting 100 days, 12 since joining in June!”

Kristin: “down 2 pounds, 1.5 inches!”

Dawn: “Down 8 inches and 2 pounds and in 20 days.”

Ellen: “down 4 inches!”

Cindy: “Down 2 lbs & 2.5 inches. My clothes are fitting better so I am very motivated!”

Julie: “down 1 pound and 1 inch”

Tina: “I’ve lost 6.6 lbs. My body is toning up “

Angela: “I’m down 2 pounds and 4 inches!”

Trish: “down 7 pounds…more muscle definition”

Jamey: “I’ve lost 4 lbs/6 inches and I. Am. Thrilled.”

Brenda: “I am down 9 1/2 inches and 6.8lbs! How is that possible?!”

Wendy: “Down 4.4 lbs and 6.25 inches overall . Definitely feeling motivated to keep working this program “

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Megan is down -27 lbs. and -27 inches!

She said: “Morning Meltdown 100 literally changed my outlook on life. It gave me my CONFIDENCE back. It gave me a REASON to live again. It showed me how much my life is WORTH.”

What is Morning Meltdown 100?

Next round starts on Sept. 3 and you’ll get everything you need to be successful: 

  • 100 unique workouts
  • 20-30 minutes/day
  • 2 different modifier options – for EVERY level (beginner – advanced)
  • customizable, sustainable nutrition plan
  • private group for daily support & accountability
  • and ME! I’ll be with you every step of the way!

We have a private test group for support and accountability, and I will be doing this WITH you sharing daily tips, recipes, meal plan suggestions and motivation to help you stick with it to complete all 100 workouts and accomplish your goals!

Just the Basics with FREE Shakeology

Just the Basics with FREE Performance Supplements

The JERICHO Challenge Pack (Everything she recommends for SUCCESS!)

Additional options available. Contact me for more info!

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