Over-Achieving…Just Made My Breakfast!


I just whipped up two more jars of these overnight oats and remembered that I didn’t share this recipe on the blog yet. And since my mom gets mad at me if I have new recipes that I don’t share here…it needed to be posted ASAP!  My husband LOVES these and so do I! It’s so easy, and in the morning he can just grab a jar and head into work. He eats them as is, right out of the jar. I, on the other had, prefer to put mine in a fancy bowl, microwave for a couple of minutes, add some extra ingredients: more berries, slivered almonds, protein powder, almond butter, various garnishes and the like. Either way, you can’t beat a 5 minute prep the night before and an easy grab-n-go breakfast in the morning!

Go make some! And sleep tight!

Breakfast of Champions!



This is one of many variations of my favorite breakfasts.  When I’m not having Shakeology for breakfast (I’ll probably have it for lunch today) I like to scramble myself a couple of whole eggs plus 2 extra whites (more protein) and top them with a little organic spinach, some tomatoes (these are heirloom CSA tomatoes) and a spattering of reduced fat cheese.  This particular meal was completed by a heel of whole wheat toast leftover from my kids’ breakfast (couldn’t let it go to waste!).