FIT & LEAN in 2015

Are you READY to get FIT & LEAN in 2015?!

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!before_marathon

And it’s SO much more WONDERFULLER when you feel good!

2 years and 24 pounds ago, I did not feel so wonderful. I was at a time in my life when I figured I had tried everything, done it all, and just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was THIS close to giving up – throwing in the towel.

I am a busy mom of 4, and really…who cares right? WRONG!!! I cared! Of course I did! I was just trying to convince myself that I didn’t, because facing the reality that nothing I was doing was working was hard to swallow.

One more try, I told myself. Give it all you’ve got! Commit 100% and see what happens…

Fast forward 2 years I lost 24 pounds, just by eating healthy foods and working out at HOME – doing programs I LOVE! I feel better than ever, have more energy, more confidence and just a better outlook on life in general! I ran a marathon for crying out loud!!!

And now I get to pay it forward and help others find what works for them! Are you ready to find out? Give it your all? Make 2015 the best year ever! Where do you want to be NEXT December?

START with me on January 5th – set some BIG goals for the NEW year and REACH them!

You can do it and I can help!

Let’s get FIT & LEAN in 2015!

New Challenge Group - Let's Do ThisNew Challenge Group will start Monday, January 5.

  • 21 Days
  • Daily Workouts
  • Clean Eating 
  • Motivation 
  • Accountability
  • And Daily 24/7 support from me!

Will you get all of that from a gym club membership?! I don’t think so.

There are several options for this group. Dust off an old Beachbody program, or try something NEW for the new year!
Purchase a challenge pack and be eligible to win $100! Challenge Packs consist of a NEW program + Shakeology at a discounted ‘bundle’ price PLUS $2 shipping! *BEST VALUE 


Save $95 on the Insanity Max:30 Challenge Pack! 
Save $70 on Les Mills Pump
Save $45 on Les Mills Combat
And of course, an EXCELLENT option for this group is the VERY popular 21 DAY FIX!

ANYONE WHO PURCHASES A CHALLENGE PACK WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN $100 for results and participation! (I’ll help you pick a program that you will LOVE and will get you the results you want.) 


Message me for more information and/or to save your spot!


To Do, Or NOT To Do…

resolutionNew Year’s Eve is just around the corner. The next day is the new year! 2013! What does the new year have in store for you? Have you given it much thought yet? Maybe it’s not a big deal. Maybe it’s just another day, a continuation of the same routine. But, I like to think of it as a new beginning! A new chance to make some little or BIG changes in your life! Whether you intend to or not, you’re making a resolution that day. You’re either going to make a FIRM decision to DO or NOT to do something.

I bet very few people will roll out of bed that day and think to themselves “I’m NOT going to do anything to make my life better this year”. However, the passive act of NOT thinking about it, is your decision, which becomes your resolution. You will have resolved to do nothing.

Instead, start thinking about it NOW. Lay the groundwork to be actively resolved and determined to make 2013 a better year! So that when you roll out of bed on January 1, 2013 you have a plan of action. Maybe that means that you make a list of the problems or things that you need to change, and start thinking about the solutions! For me, it’s time management. I have been actively pursuing solutions to this problem already. I’m formulating plans, trying different methods, looking at all the possible solutions. I am determined to make 2013 a year that I bring it all together. I plan to continue working toward my health and fitness goals, developing as a coach and work at home mom, and organizing my days so that my family experiences the best ME I can be!

So everyone is making a resolution. It’ll be a firm decision either way. So ask yourself this: Am I firmly resolved to do nothing to change my life, or something to make it better? Even if it’s just something small, make a little tweak here and there, but have a plan. Start thinking about it now. Act with determination ‘to DO’! Don’t let your resolution passively default to ‘NOT to do’.

*If health and fitness are part of your firm decision for the new year, consider joining my 30 day challenge. We’ll start on January 7! You’ve got until January 2 to sign up, but why not be resolved enough to do it NOW! Get yourself signed up, and FIRM up your resolution today. See the “30 Day Challenge” link at the top of this page to get started. 🙂 And have a HAPPY HEALTHY New Year!