Grasshoppers Taste GOOD!

Grasshopper_bitesEvery so often I get a bee – no bug – no grasshopper in my bonnet to create an alternative to a food that’s been tempting me, or someone I know, to overindulge and sabotage my best clean-eating efforts! In this case, it was those darn Keebler Grasshopper Cookies giving my challenger -> turned friend -> turned COACH – Sharon, all kinds of trouble! Never mind that when she told me about it, she thought that I thought that she was actually eating grasshoppers grasshopperof the insect variety, haha! Nope, I knew JUST what she was talking about, because I too have a love for all things minty and chocolaty!¬†

So I says to myself, “Self, what are we talking about here: mint and chocolate and cookie. Why not make a mint chocolate cookie dough bite!?” So I checked out my original Cookie Dough Bite recipe, and thought I’d tweak it a little and see what happened. The result was these tasty little things!

Disclaimer: If you KNOW you are not a “One and Done” kind of sweet-tooth satisfier, than proceed with caution. These are a much cleaner version than the Keebler Grasshopper cookies, but they should be enjoyed in moderation. In other words…they’re GOOD, so be careful! ūüôā

Mint Chocolate GRASSHOPPER Cookie Dough Bites

(Phew! That’s a mouthful!)


  • 1/3 C. raw almonds
  • 1/3 C. raw walnuts
  • 1 C. rolled oats
  • 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology (you can get that from me if you need it!)
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • ¬ľ C. honey (or agave nectar)
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1/4 t. peppermint extract


In a food processor or blender, process the almonds, walnuts, oats, and salt to a fine meal. Transfer to bowl add Shakeology, honey and vanilla, peppermint and mix. Wet hands and roll into 1 tsp.-sized balls (should make about 12-15) and place them on a cookie pan lined with foil or parchment paper. Place the pan into the freezer for about an hour to firm up. Store balls in a tightly covered container, or Ziploc bag in the freezer.

Nutritional Info (per bite)

80 calories, 11 g. carbs, 3 g. protein


Here’s my FAVORITE Shakeology recipe! Guess what…It’s MINT and Chocolate!!

Put a Fork in Me!

It’s hard to explain how good you feel when you’ve given something (anything) all you’ve got and finished! ¬†It could be a career goal, or a financial goal, or just a simple 30 minute workout. ¬†There is no sense in doing something with 50% effort…you might as well not do it at all. ¬†You’re either all in…or not! ¬†Right?! ¬†Can I get an amen! ¬†I just feel so good when I’m done working out, knowing that I tried my hardest. ¬†I may not always be able to do everything that the bouncy, crazy, Energizer Bunny lady (a.k.a. Chalene Johnson) is doing…but I do what I CAN do until I can’t do it for one more second. ¬†And then I collapse in a puddle on the floor. ūüôā ¬†And then…grab a snack. ¬†I earned it.Image


Here is my snack:  Honeycrisp apples dipped in chocolate PB2 (made with yogurt & a little water).  Delicious!