Top Ten Reasons You Should Find a Workout Buddy


Having a workout/healthy-living buddy is SO helpful in SO many ways! If you are married, or have a significant other, you’ve already got a prospective partner. Do they need some convincing…get on it! Maybe you have a best friend or sibling that has similar goals…get them on board! How about a neighbor? Talk about convenience! Develop a plan, share a babysitter and make it happen!

Here are 10 reasons you should find a buddy:

1. Having a reliable workout buddy increases the chances of sticking with your program. It’s never a good feeling to let someone down.

2. You’ll have your own personal cheerleader; someone to push you when it gets hard. How often do we give up when something seems too difficult? Your partner can “spot” you when you struggle and pat you on the back when you pushed through it!

3. Time flies with a friend. You’ll be chatting and laughing and so busy sharing your workout time, that it’ll be done before you know it!

4. You can coordinate your busy schedules. You can sit down with your pal and figure out where your windows of opportunity are and then schedule your workout times! You’ll be more likely to stick to it, if someone else is relying on you.

5. You’ll be less likely to cancel. Again, if someone else took the time to fit it in, you will too!

6. You’ll have a talking mirror. Sometimes it’s hard to see and appreciate your own progress. A buddy will remind you that you couldn’t lift that weight last week, and look at you now! Or tell you that your clothes are looking a little baggy, or that you seem to have an extra ‘bounce’ in your step. šŸ™‚

7. You’ll have an additional challenge; a little healthy competition! It’s ok to let someone else drive you to do more! You’ll want to match their intensity, and you’ll push yourself harder to keep up!

8. You’ll get a fresh new perspective and new ideas! You’ll get a chance to see how someone else does it. Maybe they do something a little differently than you do, and it’s easier, or more effective.

9. You’ll be paired up with a ‘fit’ friend; a positive influence you’ll want emulate more than someone else who doesn’t make their health a priority. If your friend orders a salad, it’s easier to do the same.

10. You can celebrate your successes together! What’s better than accomplishing your goals? Doing it with a friend/spouse/buddy that can celebrate with you!

Final thought: If you need a little extra help, grab your buddy and join one of my 30 Day Challenge groups! Find a program you love, a diet plan you can stick to, and the support you’ll need to get it done! šŸ˜€

*This post was inspired by a friend that seems to inspire a LOT of my posts. She is a trooper, a tryer and a never-give-upper! I’m one of her biggest fans! šŸ˜€

Are You Going to START or Make it Last?!


It’s mid-December, hard to believe right? But you know what that means…January is just around the corner. And you know what that means, right? A new year is approaching! And you know what that means, right? Time to make your resolutions a reality! As we prepare for Christmas and do all of the cooking and baking and eating and running around like crazy chickens without our heads…we should take a minute and think about what we want for 2013. What do you want? Is it going to be the year of YOU?!

January is always such a big time for STARTING! It’s a new beginning, a new chance to get it right. The trick is to MAKE IT LAST! A good start begins with a solid plan. Do you have a plan? Consider this: I have a new challenge group starting up on January 7. This gives you about a week to recover from the holidays, formulate a plan, get organized and then CRUSH IT for 30 days! We’ll focus on health, fitness, eating clean and accountability: this is the key ingredient! We report in daily, and let the group know what we’re doing and how we’re doing. Are we sticking to our workout schedule? Are we eating the food that will help us achieve our goals? We’ll talk about our struggles and our achievements! You’ll take your before measurements, set realistic goals, and check your progress weekly. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 30 days if you stick with it! After that, you’ll have the momentum and motivation you’ll need to carry on and MAKE IT LAST!

If you know you’re ready, than let’s get you set for the 7th NOW! You can contact me through the “30 Day Challenge” link at the top of this page. We’ll talk about your individual goals and formulate a plan that will work best for you. Get ready, get excited, and then let’s get started! šŸ˜€

TEN Steps to Get BACK on TRACK!

Did you get off track a little over the holiday weekend? ItĀ is suchĀ a challenge when you’re traveling, visiting friends and family, and eating food that you wouldn’t normally eat. On top of that, maybe you were away from your fitness gear, your gym and your routines. Luckily, it just takes a Monday to get back at it.

I went shopping last night…Costco, where else? My refrigerator is FULL of fresh fruits and veggies for the week. My pantry is stocked with whole grains and organic staples. I love that Costco has such a huge variety of organic, clean-eatingĀ foods! The last thing you should do is starve yourself in an attempt to make up for overdoing it. You have to feed yourself the right foods (5-6 small meals per day)Ā toĀ giveĀ your body the nutrients it needs to power your workouts, help you recover and especiallyĀ to keep your metabolism going strong! Starvation DOESN’T work, in fact it can have the opposite effect! Your body can start storing fat! NOOOO!!!! We don’t want that. šŸ˜‰

I’ve got my workouts scheduled for the week. It always helps me to see them, know what’s coming, and check them off as I go. Every little bit helps. Give yourself movement opportunities whenever possible. Too busy? Break up your workouts if you have to! If you don’t have a solid hour to commit, than try two 30 minute sessions sometime during your day. One hour is 4% of your day. No excuses.

You indulged over the weekend…SO WHAT! You’ve got the plan to get back on track, put it into action today! And if you’d like a little more accountability and help from me in December, join me on Facebook for a 30 Day ChallengeĀ Ā We’ll workout, eat healthy foods andĀ keep each otherĀ accountable,Ā allĀ viaĀ a private Facebook group. It’s AMAZING how much better you’ll eat and the kind of results you can get in this type of challenge. šŸ˜€ You can do this, and I can help!