Black Friday DEALS Today!!!

Yes, it’s only Wednesday, but Beachbody is announcing Black Friday Deals TODAY! And here they are! These are INSANE prices and will likely sell out super fast! Last year, some of the deals sold out in 1-2 hours! I’ve got my eye on a few of these. I might have to give myself some early Christmas presents!

Black Friday Deals!


  • Turbo Fire for only $29!!!
  • P90X WITH a pull-up bar is just $119
  • Hip Hop Abs – $10!!?? WHAT!?
  • Insanity, the Asylum with a free pull-up bar is $89!
  • Tai Cheng, a low-impact workout program, for only $59!

There will also be some GREAT deals on Derm Exclusive! I use these products every day and REALLY love them!

I’m also looking at some of the great deals on equipment like mats, benches and balls!

And don’t forget supplements like E&E (Energy and Endurance) a pre-workout formula, Fuel Shot and M.A.X. Creatine.

*I can’t STRESS this enough…these sales will go very fast! If you want to take advantage, be early! The deals go live at 3:00 Eastern/12:00 Pacific. So when you’re ready to order, click the button below! BONUS: Any order gets you a FREE coach – ME! -to help you reach your goals! 🙂




Wrinkles Shmrinkles!

derm_CollageI am super excited about my wrinkles! Because I can make them disappear! (Actually…I HATE THEIR GUTS!) Beachbody has a line of anti-aging products called Derm Exclusive. Have you seen the infomercial with Minnie Driver? Well…I decided to give it a try. I typically have VERY little faith in products like these, so I was skeptical. But, BUT, BUT…much to my surprise, it seems to work! Keep in mind, I have only used it twice! And these pictures were taken before and after my FIRST application (only 15 minutes apart)! If you look closely at the before/after pics, you can see that some of those fine lines are less noticeable! These totally UN-flattering pictures are obviously with NO makeup, and I wouldn’t know how to Photo-Shop, so it’s the real deal! I will keep you posted and take some more pics after 30 days, but I was excited to share this now, after only ONE day! I love the way the products feel and smell! There are several products available. I decided to test most of them, in order to get a real feel for the entire line. I imagined that I would eliminate some of them, anticipating that they wouldn’t work, but so far…I love them all! The real winner seems to the ‘Fill and Freeze Wrinkle Treatment”. It’s like a magic wrinkle-disappearing wand! You use it both AM and PM, and can even spot-treat during the day over your make-up! The effects are supposed to last about 8 hours.

If you want to check out all of the products that are available, or want to watch a quick video about it, click the “Beachbody” tab at the top of this page, then “Shop”, and “Derm Exclusive”.