Hold On to Your Bootstraps!

I wanted to find a fun way to show people who are curious, what it is that a Beachbody¬†coach does all day. ūüôā It’s really not all that different than being a stay at home mom. And anyone can do this,¬†not just a stay at home parent, but anyone who has an interest in making time for health, fitness and helping others. I am fortunate to have found something that lets me be here with my kids, focus on my heath, work with other people who want to do the same thing, and… make money doing it…BONUS!¬†As silly as this video¬†is, it’s not much of an exaggeration to tell you the truth.¬†I may not ACTUALLY move this fast, but sometimes it feels like it! I’m a mom on a mission.

Best Friends Forever…For REAL!

If you know me well, you’re either one of the ladies in these pictures, or you know that these are some of my favorite people in the whole world. ¬†This post is dedicated to them.

I have known a few of them since I was about 4 years old, in preschool. ¬†Others I met along the way, but we’ve all been friends for at least 30 years. ¬†That’s crazy right!? ¬†I am so lucky to have these wonderful girls in my life, I literally thank my lucky stars for them every day. ¬†When I am with them, I am all me. ¬† There’s no need to pretend to be anything else, because they would know better anyway. ¬†I can count on them to be there in the best of times and the absolute worst of times. And Lord knows we’ve had our shares of both! ¬†

I look so forward to the times we spend together. ¬†We’ve had a lot of adventures. ¬†Our most recent adventure was a 40th birthday celebration trip to Jamaica. Despite the unfortunate snorkeling incident it was the most fun I’ve had in…well…honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed that hard for that long! ¬†Talk about an ab workout: four solid days of giggling! ¬†Sure, the all-inclusive trips to the bar might have played a role, but I think we’d all like to think that we were the funniest 8 ladies that ever stepped foot on the island.

We go camping with our whole families every summer, and it’s such a blast the kids start counting the days til we go again the very day that we get home. ¬†Our husbands might have a different analysis of the annual camping trip, but they are good sports about it, because they know how important it is to us. ¬†

When I decided to take up this new fitness business, guess who were the first to congratulate me, offer support and ask for my advice? ¬†As a result, 6 of us are embarking on a 30 day fitness challenge together, along with some other amazing ¬†friends and family members. I know that with support from each other…success is not only possible, but inevitable. ¬† And when it happens (not if it happens) there will be great joy and celebration! ¬†In other words…party! ¬†Which means…I’ll get to hang with my bff’s very soon!

These ladies are blessings in my life. ¬†I feel so lucky, at my young age :), to be in such a great place in my life right now. ¬†This fitness business has really made me sit back and take stock of who I am, who I want to be, where I am and how I made it here. ¬†I made it here with a little help from my friends…no doubt about it. ¬†And not a day goes by that I don’t think of them and appreciate them for the impact they’ve had on my life. ¬†I love them as dearly as you could love a friend. ¬†And now I’m feeling a little weepy, and oh…here come the tears…

Do you have a best friend, how bout 8? Call one or two today, and tell them how much they mean to you. ¬†Grab the tissues first. ¬†ūüôā

Road Trip!

Road Trip!!¬† 1 laptop, 1 tablet, 1 mp3 player, and 2 smart phones (plus 4 sets of headphones) to keep the kids occupied for 5 hours.¬† What ever happened to “Slug bug, no slug-backs”?¬† That was so much cheaper!

Going to do my best to stay on track with diet and workouts.  I even brought my Shakeology along just in case.  I also packed my running shoes and workout clothes. Wish me luck!


Real Fast Food!

I have always been a smoothie person.¬† Until recently, in order to make sure that I was getting ALL of the nutrients I could possible pack into my smoothie I would get out ALL of the following:¬† kale, spinach, almond milk, strawberries, banana, blueberries, pineapple, chia seeds, protein powder and ice!¬† Now I get out a bag of shakeology, ice, almond milk (or regular milk) and maybe a little PB2 (or just regular peanut butter).¬† The best part is I’m getting more nutrients than I was before, and it actually sustains me for 3 or more hours!¬† I can blend it up, pour it up and drink it up in less time than it used to take me to locate all of the ingredients I needed for my previous smoothies.¬† WINNING!

I’m a Hot Mess!

So I’m doing Chalean Extreme workouts and alternating with TurboFire. ¬†I honestly can’t believe what a good workout I am getting. ¬†I’ve been a runner for years, but these programs are so challenging! ¬†I think maybe it’s just new for me, and so my body is kind of freaking out a little. ¬†That is a good thing! ¬†My muscles are confused and so am I (most of the time…lol). ¬†I come upstairs when I’m finished and scare my husband and children. ¬†I am literally a hot mess! ¬†A hot SWEATY mess! ¬†Image

Love/Hate my treadmill!

Last night I opted for a treadmill workout. ¬†I LOVE that I can watch Netflix on my Nook while I walk/run up steep inclines. ¬†It helps pass the time. ¬†But I truly love to hate, or is it hate to love, my treadmill. ¬†It’s a PaceMaster…and it’s a really nice one. ¬†We had to have a nice one since my husband and I were both training for marathons over the last 10 years. ¬†Sometimes it’s a necessary evil, like when it’s too cold or too hot outside. Other times I actually look forward to it. ¬†For me, it’s all about mixing it up. ¬†It’s good¬†for me physically and mentally to keep rotating my fitness routine. ¬†After the treadmill, I did ChaLean Extreme, Extreme Abs. ¬†I love that workout! ¬†It’s very challenging, but I don’t hate it. ¬†When I did p90X…I grew to hate Ab Ripper. ¬†I guess you’d hate anything that you did almost 90 times in a row. ¬†UGH!