Planksgiving Challenge


Back by popular demand!

I had so much fun doing this last year with SO many people from across the country and around the world! I’m really excited to do it again! I hope you’ll join the fun!

Join me for the month of November!

We’re planking and thanking for 30 days in November. While you’re planking, you’ll have time to reflect about what you’re thankful for each day. We’ll be adding to our time and building towards a 3 minute plank! And we’ll report in one thing that we’re thankful for each day. By November 30th, you’ll also be thankful for a tighter, stronger core!

I received several messages after the group that this was the gentle push they needed to make some big changes in their lives! This is really so simple! At the most, it will take 3 minutes of your day! That’s it! Everybody has time for that. And it wouldn’t hurt any of us to slow down and appreciate our many blessings every day, but especially during the month of November.

*This group is FREE! Feel free to invite friends to join too!


What’s on SALE this month?

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