Wrinkles Shmrinkles!

derm_CollageI am super excited about my wrinkles! Because I can make them disappear! (Actually…I HATE THEIR GUTS!) Beachbody has a line of anti-aging products called Derm Exclusive. Have you seen the infomercial with Minnie Driver? Well…I decided to give it a try. I typically have VERY little faith in products like these, so I was skeptical. But, BUT, BUT…much to my surprise, it seems to work! Keep in mind, I have only used it twice! And these pictures were taken before and after my FIRST application (only 15 minutes apart)! If you look closely at the before/after pics, you can see that some of those fine lines are less noticeable! These totally UN-flattering pictures are obviously with NO makeup, and I wouldn’t know how to Photo-Shop, so it’s the real deal! I will keep you posted and take some more pics after 30 days, but I was excited to share this now, after only ONE day! I love the way the products feel and smell! There are several products available. I decided to test most of them, in order to get a real feel for the entire line. I imagined that I would eliminate some of them, anticipating that they wouldn’t work, but so far…I love them all! The real winner seems to the ‘Fill and Freeze Wrinkle Treatment”. It’s like a magic wrinkle-disappearing wand! You use it both AM and PM, and can even spot-treat during the day over your make-up! The effects are supposed to last about 8 hours.

If you want to check out all of the products that are available, or want to watch a quick video about it, click the “Beachbody” tab at the top of this page, then “Shop”, and “Derm Exclusive”.

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