My Journey Out of the Rut

Before & After I decided to be a Beachbody coach
Before & After I decided to be a Beachbody coach

Five months ago, I didn’t know a lot of things. I didn’t know what Instagram was. I didn’t know that I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t know that I had 20 pounds to lose. I didn’t know that I was capable of getting a group of friends or family members together that wanted to get fitter and healthier. I didn’t know that I could be a more confident person. In September, I took a step that changed all that! That was then…

This is NOW…

I became a Beachbody coach. Now, I not only know what Instagram is, I have followers: over 400 people who are interested in the pictures I take and the things I have to say! Who knew? I had Instagram on my phone in the past, but I just thought it was a nifty picture-taking app. I had no idea that it was a social network! I like it quite a bit! I am a very visual person, so I like seeing what other people post. I get good, practical ideas about health and fitness, and other topics. But it’s so much more than that! I like to follow other people who are on their own health and fitness journeys. It’s kinda fun! You can follow me @AngieinProgress! I’ll follow you back. 🙂

Except for 4 pregnancies with mandatory bedrest, I have worked out, almost every day, for YEARS! BUT…I used to do pretty much the same workouts, the same way. I was in a rut. My body wasn’t changing, and I was complacent about it. I thought that was the best I could do. I even KNEW that the body adapts and stops responding after about 30 days of the same exercise routine, but for some reason…I didn’t change what I was doing. Then, I became a coach, and in the interest of “being a product of the product” I decided to give Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme a 90 day try. I did a hybrid of the two programs. What fun! I started looking forward to my workouts, instead of feeling obligated to do them. My body started responding a very positive way. My workouts were different! And every 30 days, by design, the workouts changed a little, and my body responded again. It was like magic! I dropped 16 pounds and 14 inches in those 90 days! I was shocked and THRILLED, and out of my rut! I like it better out here. 🙂

Since then, I switched up my routine yet again. Now I’m doing a program called Les Mills Pump that I am really enjoying! Again…my body is changing and I’ve lost another 4 pounds! Now here’s the thing…I had no idea that I had 20 pounds to lose 4 months ago. I would have been happy with 10 actually! But just last night my husband said the nicest thing to me: “Ang, you are in the best shape of your life! You look amazing!” WOWZA! This coming from a man who has known me since I was 15. So I’ll take it. 🙂

The biggest perk of my new job is that I get to work with groups of other people who are trying to get fit and healthy, too! I get to tell them that they can do it, too! Health and fitness is for everyone who wants it. You’re going to have to work for it, it’s not always going to be easy, but if you want it…it’s yours for the taking. And the rewards are worth it! You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who regretted the decision to get fit and healthy. I’ve had groups with my closest friends in life, my family members, and people I’ve never met in ‘real’ life, but have been motivated by something I posted on social media to make a change. I love that! These challenge groups are so fulfilling for me. I love reading about the successes that participants are having. It is so rewarding to see them overcome obstacles and get results! I feel so grateful to be part of the process. Now I’m sharing the coaching opportunity with other people who are interested in additional accountability for themselves to continue on their journey to health and fitness, while paying it forward to other people. AND the additional income isn’t bad either! This does not seem like work to me! I look forward to it EVERY day!

I have a more confidence now than I’ve ever had before. I’m letting go some of the negative body images I’ve had in the past. I don’t focus on the ‘flaws’ that used to jump out at me every time I looked into a mirror. I’m not saying that I’m cured 100% from my self-consciousness…I don’t know if anyone ever could be, but it’s a million times better! I used to run from anyone holding a camera. I HATED having my picture taken! My flaws seemed magnified through a camera lens somehow. Now, you just have to look at my Facebook page to know that I don’t have a big problem with that anymore. But if you had told me 5 months ago that not only would I have a new profile picture, but even more pictures of myself available for the world to see, I’d never have believed you. In four short months, I’m healthier, happier, confident-er and fulfilled-er than I was when I was down in my rut.

If you’re in a rut, personally or professionally…I encourage you to come on out! Take a risk. Leave your comfort zone. Be the change you want to see. Start today.

Interested in joining a Challenge group? Click on “30 Day Challenge” at the top of this page. Interested in coaching? Click the “What is Coaching” link at the top of this page or fill in the form below to receive more information.

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